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Empowering women over 50 to achieve strength and
fat loss through sustainable methods, steering clear of fad diets and excessive cardio

Build Muscle

Burn Fat

Reduce Stress

Tracey Gerety, Founder of FitWalk, LLC

Are you ready to end the struggle and achieve your fitness goals?

Change might not always be easy, but you’re here, prepared to focus on improving your strength and wellness after turning 50. I’m thrilled to be by your side on this adventure.

Your commitment, willingness to learn, and sincere hard work complement my guidance, assistance, and responsibility.

Together, we’ll nurture self-appreciation for your body, crafting the lifestyle and body you wish for.

Helping Clients Achieve Their Fitness Goals

Coaching Program

Fit Beyond 50 Method

Fit Beyond 50 Method, a transformative 12-week coaching program designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our all-inclusive approach focuses on burning fat, balancing hormones, and optimizing nutrition to help you not only look better but also feel better from the inside out. Program Highlights:

Coaching Membership

After your 12 Week Program Transition seamlessly into our weekly membership for ongoing coaching, nutrition guidance, strength training classes, and accountability, ensuring you maintain and surpass your health goals. Our comprehensive support system empowers you to thrive beyond 50 with confidence and vitality.

Semi Private in Studio Training

A maximum of six participants per session. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or looking to level up your strength, our program meets you where you are and guides you towards your goals. Our approach focuses on helping women in midlife with Fat loss to lean out their bodies through safe and effective functional training methods tailored specifically to your needs. Experience a supportive environment where you'll build strength in new ways and transform you body. Join us and redefine what's possible for your health and fitness at any stage of life.

Class Package

We offer class packages for outdoor and outline classes. Experience our unique fitness program geared towards Women maintaining and keeping their lean muscle, losing fat, balancing hormones, and creating strong healthy bones.

Success Stories ... (Ask Sheetal for Videos)

“ Working at home during CoVid has enhanced my mental and physical state beyond what I thought was possible. Having this time to workout at home has helped me to find balance in my life. By taking the time to workout with Fitwalk on Zoom 4-5 days a week, I feel clearer mentally, stronger physically, and I am able to see and fight for the positives in my life during these difficult times. Empowered, Enriched, and Enlightened are just a few words to describe my gratitude. Thank you Fitwalk! ”
Sue A.
“Hi Tracey, Thank you very much for all you do, for all of us. It’s really appreciated. Being part of this challenge made me realize how many bad habits I have and for a very long time. I have cut out having coffee and added sugar throughout the day. I eat a lot more raw vegetables, which I didn’t really eat that much, and now I drink the flavored decaf teas without added sugar. I feel like I have more energy also. Thanks again"
“ The 28 day challenge gave me the opportunity to reset my routine and get back on track. The meal plan was so easy to follow and delicious. I became much more aware of what I was eating. The change gave me more energy and improved my sleep."
Karen Kennedy
“ I loved being a part of Tracey’s Fall Reset! It refocused me! I paid closer attention to labels, artificial sweeteners, my caffeine and alcohol consumption. I drank more water and was more thoughtful about my bedtime routine! I saw a little dip in the scale, now I’m psyched to join the ‘holiday fitness project’ as we head into the holidays! Thank you Tracey!
“ It’s helped me stay in shape and actually in better shape than pre-Covid because I have more opportunity to exercise. I have a lot of trouble exercising on my own and these live classes really work for me in a way that just exercising to some YouTube class wouldn’t. It really helps my mood and level of anxiety to really exercise hard at the start of my day. So grateful for you Tracey!“