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Happy Clients

“l was frustrated with my weight loss journey and was unable to commit to any program long term until I met Tracey at Fitwalk. She gave me hope that I could get to a place I was happy with. I’ve had incredible energy, strength, drive, and excitement to go to class and be a part of this special community Tracey has created since joining Fitwalk. The semi-privates are my favourite. I strongly recommend this to any woman of any age, size, or shape because Tracey will tailor a workout to your needs, even if you are in a group setting. The most surprising aspect was forming relationships with these incredible women.”

Cheri M.

“l was over weight and isolated because of the pandemic until I met Tracey at Fitwalk. Tracey was not intimidating and helped me to believe in myself. Since joining Fitwalk, I’ve lost 25 pounds and gained confidence. I liked all of the options Fitwalk provided and used them all. I strongly recommend Fitwalk because I’m living proof that it works, and this community is so warm, inclusive, and inspiring.”

Elyse S.

“I had a lack of motivation and/or belief in myself until I met Tracey at Fitwalk. I sensed Tracey’s no-judgement zone, and it was a safe feeling. Fitwalk philosophy came for me when everything had failed me. Since joining Fitwalk, I’ve lost 40 Ibs and don’t fall down anymore like I used to. I love the Zoom classes. It’s like I have the best workout on earth right inside my home. I have been at this going on 3 years now with Fitwalk Zoom classes and I’m far from bored. It’s the best part of my day. If you want results, I highly recommend Fitwalk and you’ll never regret it.”

Rosemary C.

“l was looking for an exercise regimen that I would like, and I found FITWALK. FITWALK wasn’t super intensive, and the outdoor aspect made it seem less like an exercise. Since joining Fitwalk, I’m far more toned, my strength has increased, have lost weight, have been able to maintain the weight, and my sleep is better. I like the outdoor workouts the most. I highly recommend this to anyone. There’s no pressure. You can be as intensive as you want.”


“l was overweight, very self-conscious, and not feeling healthy until I met Tracey at Fitwalk. Tracey at Fitwalk was better than I could have imagined. I knew right away I was with someone who really cared about her clients. I have lost pounds and inches. I’m fitting into clothes that I never thought I would fit in again. I love the semi privates the most. I highly recommend this to anyone because the other members are amazing. Everybody is so supportive of each other. The instructors are the best. You will not have to worry about injuring yourself. You learn how to do the exercises and lift weights the correct way.

Tracey P.

“I have struggled with extra weight all my life. 5 years ago, I started to gain 5 pounds each year. Tracey laid out a plan with concrete steps to follow. She has a way of showing you what to do but then leave room for you to discover for yourself how it works. I liked that. I have lost 14 pounds, lost 4 1/2 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips. I feel stronger, more balanced and more physically confident. I love the outdoor workouts the most. The semi privates have the terrific benefit of feedback from Tracey about form, effort etc. I love the community with the other members – real people who I can relate to working together and supporting one another. recommend this to anyone on the fence.


“l have become stronger and have enjoyed exercising ever since I joined Fitwalk. The outdoor walks go by so fast and the semi- privates are doable. I recommend this to anyone because it’s fun and best of all you see results.”

Lisa M.

“l was overweight, exercising but not losing weight, no core, and had limited energy until I met Tracey at Fitwalk. I tried Fitwalk around the pond and liked that the class was outside. Ever since joining Fitwalk, I loss some weight, improved my core, energy, and strength. I liked the outdoors the most. The small semi- privates are working out okay. I highly recommend this to anyone because it can be tailored to fit your need, and there is no pressure.”

Siobhan R.

“Prior to COVID I was maintaining my weight but once COVID hit my weight crept up because I wasn’t running around as much and I was working from home and snacking. I called Tracey to rescue because we knew each other from the industry (I teach Zumba). Tracey and I started working together in Jan of 2021 and within a few months I started seeing results. She introduced me to strength training and how to eat to fuel my body so I could slim down and retain my muscle. In 8 months, I lost 40Ibs and really felt like I gained control over my weight for the first time in my life. Thank you Tracey and the Fitwalk team for creating a program that helps women live healthier and feel good in their body again!

Geraldine Z.

Tracey Gerety, Founder of FitWalk, LLC

Are you ready to end the struggle and achieve your fitness goals?

Change might not always be easy, but you’re here, prepared to focus on improving your strength and wellness after turning 50. I’m thrilled to be by your side on this adventure.

Your commitment, willingness to learn, and sincere hard work complement my guidance, assistance, and responsibility.

Together, we’ll nurture self-appreciation for your body, crafting the lifestyle and body you wish for.